WOW says Bmedia

WOW says Bmedia

The 7 Keys to Success – adult version.


Fun, creative activities to help you be more successful in work, life and everything.

A concept originally designed for the education market in 2011, I was invited to deliver an event for Bmedia members at the WOW academy (Bradford) in early 2012.

Don’t flop. Use a prop!
Short of time and always up for a challenge, we ran The 7 Keys to Success (school version) as a bit of an experiment… would the same concept work as well for adults as it did for young people?

7 keys, 7 boxes, 7 words of wisdom
Old school. Including SEVEN props, (a top secret eighth box), and a willing audience of open-minded ‘BIG kids’, here’s what happened…

Designed and directed by Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot, an enterprise champion and motivational speaker, but driven wholly by the audience.

Images by John Steel Photography.