Bradford Donut Day

Bradford Donut Day

Celebrating 5th November 2015. Bradford, The Broadway, Fireworks and Jam Donuts!


As Bradford finally unveils the fabulous new shopping development, The Broadway, it’s worth reflecting on the transformation and regeneration of a city centre, a new optimism amongst the people of Bradford and a realisation that now is the time for celebration…

Bradford was once labelled a donut; lots round the outside and nothing in the middle.

According to a book called ‘Crap Town Returns’ (2012) Bradford “…The Council has decided to abandon the City and only develop on peripheral greenfields because nobody wants to live in Bradford. Surprise! A Detroit doughnut awaits us.” While the author Bill Bryson, in ‘Notes from a Small Island’ (1995), remarked, “Bradford’s role in life is to make every place else in the world look better in comparison, and it does this very well.”

The Bradford Donut?

With Saltaire, Haworth, Ilkley and the many other memorable destinations on the outskirts of the city and, historically, a whole lot of nothing in the city centre it’s easy to understand the analogy. But with the ‘Wastefield’ ghost finally put to rest we have Westfield’s superb £260 million shopping centre, The Broadway – a flagship and game-changing development right at the heart of Bradford!

City Park was a brilliant strategic move by Bradford Council, yet The Broadway is what we have all been waiting for. So the DONUT ‘label’ no longer applies – finally the hole in the middle of the donut, or is it doughnut as they say in the States, has been filled.

Bradford was once labelled a donut; lots around the outside and nothing in the middle. Then City Park filled up the centre and now The Broadway has added the jam. It’s time to celebrate! Bradford is no longer a plain old donut.


Note: Mike, a rather clever photographer from the Bradford T&A had gone by this point, both him and Chris Holland had also taken several donuts. And then I spotted another opportunity! I asked a very tired looking tradesman to take a photo of me (on my camera) and, as a thank you, handed over my last jam donut. He looked shattered, poor lad, he had a ‘STOP! I’m empty’ sign above his head. Please donut tell anyone at Westfield about this!

Click here for Bradford T&A’s full feature about Bradford’s Donut Day.

Monkey Marketing

So what can we do to mark this occasion in a fun and memorable way? Considering this to be a cracking opportunity for some ‘Monkey Marketing’* I propose the unofficial launch of the Bradford Donut Day!

Afterthought: Can someone also please invite Bill Bryson back to Bradford!?

Bite the bullet

Curious about the launch date of The Broadway I recently asked the very charming Sue Anderson Brown, the new and very experienced shopping centre manager at The Broadway, “WHY open on bonfire night, why not the Wednesday or Friday?” Apparently, to those in the know, with the weekend approaching but not yet upon us and with the best football figures, Thursdays are considered the best launch day. The fact that it’s November the 5th was irrelevant Sue told me.

Bradford VIPs need and expect the launch plan goes like a dream today, yet with all the cynics waiting and watching in the wings, social media vampires at the ready noted, I will keep my fingers crossed (whilst handing out donuts tonight) that nothing back-fires on what I hope will be a celebration day to remember.

Thought. Phoenix like, Bradford yet again raises itself from the ashes, this also seems like another re-birth campaign again for Bradford – no cheesy ‘bouncing back’ marketing slogans and no images of flying pelicans carrying rubbish across the city centre this time – so is this more like one of those strange make-over TV programmes? (Plain or ugly city goes in one end, cool, smart and attractive city pops out the other side!?) As Bradford goes under the knife once more what is clear is that this will provide a much-needed cash injection for Bradford. More dough, more jobs, more tourism, footfall, an added air of optimism from Bradford ‘nuts’ like me and (dare I say) some more fireworks for Bradford at The Broadway on November 5th?

Remember, remember, the 5th November…

Blog update note: VIP trays of donuts were dropped in by hand to several locations on the way into Bradford. The Broadway was buzzing when myself, cousin Stephen, daughter Chloe (14) and Chris from Bulletpoint all arrived late evening, armed with bags full of donuts! (Chris also dropped in a tray for Sue.) New photos have been added (below) as we handed out over a hundred free donuts with a quote and a simple message to members of the public. Paul even got chance to say hello to the media team and Look North’s BBC presenter Harry Gration, he smiled as he received his free donut and a slip of paper, later to read out the ‘wonderful’ special message on national TV last night.

The Bradford Donut now has the jam to go with it

First we had City Park and now we have The Broadway – marvelous! And the people of Bradford have waited for over ten years for this, demolition of the 12 acre site first started in 2004 as the Westfield project was then put on hold due to the looming recession – giving rise to the infamous ‘Wastefield’ hole in the ground… Today, bruised, battered and tormented there is no other place on the planet that deserves a break as much as Bradford… So give us a break and feel the buzz… Now is the time to taste it, experience it for yourself and take another look at Bradford, City Park and all the other amazing tourism hot spots, plus of course our fabulous new shopping development.

Let’s also celebrate with some juicy facts. Not only will The Broadway include 70 retail units, it will also create new public spaces, restaurants, cafes and 2,500 retail jobs, The Broadway is predicted to increase retail spend by 78% and footfall by 40% across Bradford City Centre upon completion. Wow! It also provides the final tasty ingredient in Bradford’s exciting new retail offer for the future – finally, we now have our jam in the donut!


Feel the buzz and taste the jam

Visit Bradford, City Park, The Broadway and not forgetting the rest of the district and a city centre that is fresh, different, vibrant and buzzing again. From North Parade to Little Germany, new shops, businesses, restaurants and bars have filled up previously empty spaces, so things are looking up in a BIG way! The Broadway itself will feature some great places to eat and drink; Patisserie Valerie, Wrapchic and Taco Bell, amongst many others… Hey, there is even a Greggs where you can have an inexpensive coffee and grab a donut perhaps? I also wonder if Marks and Spencers sell them, or simply pop down to your local supermarket and buy a pack of donuts today! Think I’ll have to pay another visit to Bradford based Morrison’s again tonight… All those hungry and over-worked tradesmen ate all my donut samples at the photo-shoot yesterday!


VIP: A request to the social media ‘savvy’ people of Bradford

A message to all positive thinking Bradfordians out there and beyond… Let’s spread the word… Time for you Facebook friends to reunite for Bradford and on Twitter too please… Tweet @thebulletman (that’s me, AKA Paul Kerfoot) and @Bradford_TandA  #BigUpBradford #BradfordDonutDay 2015.

BTW: I only thought about this idea last Friday and (whilst also doing my books) we even managed to find time to do a last minute logo! Bizarrely it made sense to work over Bulletpoint Design’s existing target logo and ‘donutify’ it!


If you can imagine the jam in the middle here and the alternative donut with those hundreds and thousands around the outside… well, that’s all the shoppers at Broadway, buzzing around and spending their hard-earned cash. Or could it be all those other beautiful places and venues to visit in Bradford on the outskirts of our amazing new city centre!?

Note: The finished logo (with text), a copy is below, plus some great new photos from last night. On request, a full press pack is also available for download and distribution.

Update: I could not believe our apparent ‘luck’ on the discovery that we had launched the Bradford Donut Day on the same day as one of the two National Doughnut Days in the States (one special day to eat doughnuts isn’t enough?). A happy coincidence indeed.  

And finally as we celebrate a historic landmark day for Bradford… this Thursday, November 5th 2015 IS a game-changer. Today is also the ‘soft-launch’ of an idea to launch the Bradford Donut Day! (Let’s do something BIG next year… November 5th 2016). And for now please remember when you next buy your donuts, to ask or look out for the best ones, those with lots around the outside and with the jam in the middle.

Paul Kerfoot

Photos update…









“I was given this wonderful, wonderful quote; Bradford was once labelled a donut; lots around the outside and nothing in the middle. It isn’t now, it’s a very special donut. Good night.’ – Harry Gration @harrylooknorth on BBC Look North TV.


Hear Paul interviewed by Jonathan Pinfield and discussing Donut Day on BCB Radio.

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Fact: The Doughnut Day (or Donut Day) event was created by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor those of their members who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I. The holiday celebrates the doughnut (AKA ‘donut’) – an edible, torus-shaped piece of dough which is deep-fried and sweetened. Many American doughnut stores offer free doughnuts on National Doughnut Day.

Can Bradford follow suit here? Next year, November 5th 2016 let’s imagine having our first proper Bradford Donut Day! Anyone up for some FREE donuts? #BradfordDonutDay 2016 – watch this space!

*Monkey Marketing. So what is it? I’ll tell you later! All I will say (for now) is this… It’s a bit like Guerrilla Marketing only a little less vicious but with no less nuts!