The Bulletman… Hero inside. Super outside


Who is the Bulletman?


The original Bulletman was a 1940s comic book superhero and a 1970s G.I. Joe/Action Man figure. Paul Kerfoot created the idea for Bulletpoint (graphic design consultants) and was creative director for Bulletpoint Design Limited (2000-2018). Rediscovered on eBay, inspired by his alter ego and in an attempt to be different, ‘The Bulletman’ launched in 2008/9. What started out as a bit of fun has now become part of Paul’s legacy. Memorable eh?

Welcome to the personal adventures of Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot – motivational speaker, communication enter-trainer and enterprise champion. The innovator, troubleshooter, creative thinker, the toy collector and comic fan who continues his journey in the search for success, happiness and working for fun.


A brief history of all things Bulletman, 1940-2011…

• First publication:
Nickel Comics – a Fawcett production (17 May 1940)
• Real name: Jim Barr – ‘Bullet Barr’
• Mission: Crusade against crime
• Features: Gravity regulator helmet (for flying at great speed and repelling bullets) and telescopic vision
• Update: Later became Master Comics (October 1940 – the golden age)
• Title: Bulletman – The flying detective

Bullet Man flies again

• Name: Bullet Man
• Made: Hong Kong
• US Launch: GI Joe – Adventure Team – 1976 Hasbro Industries, USA
• UK launch: Action Man by Palitoy
• Catchphrase: The Human Bullet
• Features: Jet boots. Steel helmet and hands. Flight line
• Arch enemy: The Intruder
• Registered: March 15, 1976 – cancelled March 15, 1983
• Registered trademark: April 29, 2011 – ‘Bulletman‘ – Paul Kerfoot and Bulletpoint Design Ltd.
• TV clip:

Comic ref shown: Issue No.15 Summer. 10c. Bulletman and Bulletgirl battle the mysterious Professor D! Flying out of a target for a smashing bull’s-eye hit of action and thrills!
Also featured: A 1970s Palitoy (UK) Action Man figure and original box.

It's amazing what you can pick up on ebay when you type in the word BULLET

To purchase: All figures are popular eBay™ sellers. Paul (the Bulletman) Kerfoot has three Bullet Man figures. One of them includes the original box, flight line and instructions. (He also has three Intruders, one with an original box.)

Note: Many figures are sold with broken limbs due to the rubber joints perishing over time. The one shown here was flown (naked) from the UK and was repaired and shipped back by a GI Joe doll specialist in the US. The only real difference between US and UK figures, apart from the Hasbro/Palitoy packaging and logos, is the boots. The US version has plain red boots as opposed to the UK version that has looser fitting boots with silver engines on the back. “These rocket boots are a lot easier to get on and off!”

Logo: Taken from a small sticker/badge on chest of action figure. Redesigned and updated by Gareth Stubbs, Senior Designer at Bulletpoint Design, in 2008. Also shown on Paul The Bulletman’s t-shirt when he does his ‘creative thinking’ and ‘inspirational speaking’ keynote and workshops/seminars. (Black for workshops; red for keynote seminars.)

Fan club: For a bit of fun, please check out the gallery section at:
Fun quotes: “I have seen the future and it is chrome.” And; “May his helmet never rust!”
More: Other samples of Bulletman creations can be found on the Deviant Art website. Paul also purchased a small one-off figure from a sculptor called Michael Amore.
Info: A Japanese film by cult hero Shinya Tsukamoto was released in 2009 and is not related to the Bulletmen featured here – Tetsuo: The Bullet Man


Bulletman to the rescue

Branding expert Paul Kerfoot (Bulletpoint Design and sister company Bulletprint Products) creates his alter ego ‘AKA Bulletman’ Spring 2007 and launches in 2008/9.

Paul describes this transformation from designer to speaker as ‘starting out as a bit of fun’, where ‘Bulletman’ has been used to inspire and help raise his profile. It was conceived partly for use in design and branding seminars for small businesses (Chambers of Commerce / Business Link). Despite the odd frown or raised eyebrow, ‘The Bulletman’ is also referred to in educational workshops for schools and colleges, helping young people to be more creative and successful in education, work and life. Paul’s latest project ‘The 7 Keys to Success’ was piloted at Tadcaster Grammar School (North Yorkshire, UK) in Autumn 2010.

Note: To be successful in any overly competitive market, and especially in a recession, branding is considered crucial to business success; be unique, different and stand out.

“The Bulletman is far more memorable than Paul Kerfoot.”

Bulletman was later changed to Paul The Bulletman and then Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot.

Note: Apparently ‘The’ is the best middle name in the world according to blogger and author Seth Godin. Think Alexandra The Great and Attila The Hun. (The meaning there is only one.) And not thinking, Winnie The Pooh!

Action Man. Action Plan!

Paul and his trusted team of graphic designers at Bulletpoint Design live and work in not so secret (superhero) headquarters in West Yorkshire (UK). For more information on branding and to see design case study examples, 1989-present please visit:

In 2009, Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot also began a quest to develop original content as a creative motivational speaker and has aspirations to be a world class, international speaker. For a rain check on progress please visit the video and media category.

One recent ‘invention’ and discovery in a search for happiness is the ‘GUT-O-METER™’ – work in progress (March 2010) –

Hero inside. Super outside

Paul’s first creative speaking keynote ‘Every business needs a superhero’ took place at Business Yorkshire (Doncaster, UK, October 2008) where he revealed how to find your hero inside and look super on the outside with a cost-effective image makeover for business. The design showcase also features ‘local heroes, local stories’ and ‘Bulletvision’ which helps businesses locate their hidden potential (find the hero inside) and then promote these findings through effective design, memorable branding and creative marketing (look super on the outside).

Bulletvision™ was also featured in Paul’s first comic-style format feature – giving away free advice and red hot-tips for business – The Adventures of Paul The Bulletman (June 2009).

DYO: Design Your Own…

Projects in education go back to the late 1990’s. With a passion to help nurture the potential of hidden talent in schools ‘DYO’ projects include; ‘Design Your Own Magazine’ (2005) and ‘Design Your Own Superhero’ (2009) – a creative learning resource for young people and teachers.

Please click this link to see the pilot project and video, ‘Design Your Own Superhero‘ (from 2009).

Confusion is good!‘ (Apparently it is the door to enlightenment!)

Winter 2010: Paul Kerfoot, AKA ‘Paul The Bulletman’ transforms yet again into Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot. “I have even considered changing my middle name (John) to The Bulletman!” Then there was a period of confusion… Creative speaker or creative thinker. Design director or creative director. Graphic designer or design maverick. Business troubleshooter or branding superhero? WHO am I? In transition, and from the caterpillar to a sticky-winged butterfly, I must have changed my business cards and titles five times over a two year period – it was creative chaos trying to find my new self!

Update 2012-15: Paul finally changed the appearance and titles of what he does, settling on something he is happy with; from branding specialist to branding expert (2014) and then to communication enter-trainer (2015) and creative speaker to motivational speaker taking into account a successful keynote; This Way Up (2012) and other workshops, seminars and business events. Meanwhile The Bulletman was also working as a mentor and ‘Bulletmentor’ with business owners and students. The final piece to the jigsaw being enterprise champion, proudly added to Paul’s ammunition of value added services after working with schools and colleges for many years. (This final transition also involved a challenging role working as an enterprise facilitator for E3 Bradford in 2012/13.) Passionate about education, enterprise and employability skills, and with some concern over the jobs of the future, please check out one of The Bulletman’s favourite ideas, the FUTURE project, piloted in 2013 and launched in 2014. “We did History at school so why did we never do Future?” This is alternative (life-changing) careers guidance for young people… I believe I have finally found my purpose in life and want to leave a legacy… About time too – I am fifty in 2 years time!

‘Oak trees do not produce acorns until they are fifty (50) years of age or older.’

What next for The Bulletman?

To join the ‘The Bulletman’ on his latest journey please follow Paul on Twitter –

Bulletman is a registered trademark of Paul Kerfoot and Bulletpoint Design Ltd. June 2010. Ref No. 2549282