Bulletpoint celebrate 25 years in business

Bulletpoint celebrate 25 years in business

Evolution or revolution?


You say celebrate, yet recently it’s been more like a period of reflection. Looking back at the best bits, the memorable case studies that stood out and also looking ahead to the future of design and creativity.

Bulletpoint have experienced growth and we’ve also survived three recessions – now that’s what you call real experience – the highs and the lows. Severely affected by the public sector cutbacks (2008-11) the job of a (traditional) graphic designer has changed in a ‘dying’ industry affected by global change, falling prices, the Internet and over supply and under demand.

Designers, bright sparks and branding experts

The design sector has suffered massively as has the value of our work, yet we are still creative designers and are very passionate about branding and what we do best. Noting if you are a budding ‘designer of the future’ here, then there is no room for being average, you have to be excellent. Also one of the reasons we scrapped being web programmers back in 2008. A move I have often reflected on and am now wondering if we should have perhaps tackled it differently? A strategic alliance being one of many routes I didn’t explore far enough.

So what about the future of creative industries?

Bulletpoint (for example) have gone more ‘niche’ over the last 5 years, branding experts, specialising in areas like engineering and manufacturing and/or the financial sector. Let’s also use our cross-transferable skills here. Take up the challenge of becoming a motivational speaker for instance and use and apply our creativity to other sectors, take education and enterprise as another route of exploration.

So, as part of a purposeful careers switch (2008) the role and offer changed: Motivational speaker, branding expert and enterprise champion. And of course; The Bulletman. I have to say, after a long period of decline and recession, we are slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel… Phew! And after some serious grafting and much digging here, we are looking ahead to new challenges and some exciting opportunities in the near future, especially in education…

Creative activities to help young people in education, work and life

Memorable session and workshops for schools – many with unique resource materials – now include: The 7 Keys to Success, This Way Up!, Young Confident Club (2015) and a pilot project on Jobs of the Future (2013) which has now reached stage 2 (March 2014) – FUTURE: alternative (life-changing) careers guidance for young people.

“Change or die.” – Sir John Harvey Jones, BBC2 Troubleshooter

Thought: In the firing line, Sir John pointed out to one fearful ‘victims’ in business; Do you go backwards by standing still or forward by taking a few risks?

We have changed and I have taken some risks. Looking back, I actually went backwards and forwards at the same time, a bit like swimming, and doing the back-crawl?

So, it’s not all doom and gloom out there. And with the flexibility of an egg, we have evolved! Bulletpoint continues to survive and grow in these challenging times of change and transformation.


For Bulletpoint case studies please click here or read below a simple summary of what we are best known for…

Evolution or revolution?

Evolution, revolution or starting from scratch: a refreshing change of direction, dynamic brands with personality, promotional campaigns with wow factor, a bright spark idea with a different spin, why not seek the advice of a specialist?

Raise awareness, add value, launch a new product or service, boost sales and target and influence your customers. Bulletpoint aims to trigger the imagination, helping to improve communication to get your message, features and benefits across.

You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression. If image or perception is everything then effective design must work. So the point is, to survive or grow in business you must ensure your image is a memorable one.

Why choose Bulletpoint?

  • intelligent logos: sharp, clever, smart ideas
  • effective design: simplicity out of complexity
  • memorable brands: stand out, not stand still
  • unique identities: original, detailed and personalised
  • creative communication: connect with your audience
  • engaging content: online/offline, attractive, sticky
  • profitable marketing: more sales, more customers


For more information about surviving the recession, the future of CIAG and some ‘Egg shaped thinking’ please click here.

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