Change Your World. Change Their World

Change Your World. Change Their World

Launch: Young Confident Club.

You can expect some ‘jaw dropping’ moments at the official launch of The Young Confident Club on January 16th 2015.


“Think of an idea to change our world – and put it into ACTION!”

Young Confident Club (2015)

Inspiring motivational speakers unlocking the secrets of presentation mastery for young people – now there’s a plan!

Pay It Forward

Steve McDermott and Curly Uppington from The Confident Club (Leeds) have finally put their dreams into action and inspired by a quote from the inspirational movie, ‘Pay It Forward’ (this was one of our late friend Clive Gott’s favourite films), we now have a common theme to build upon – CHANGE YOUR WORLD – also our stick of rock message for the day at our annual conference.

Change Your World. Change Their World

The Confident Club has a vision to create a legacy and the foundation stones of a plan are now in place for our next annual event. Plus a new delivery team has been formed at our first official meeting in Leeds on 1st December 2014. And as part of our celebrating our tenth year in business in 2015 this is also a new beginning with Young Confident Club.

“It’s time to step into our greatness.” – Richard Asomugha

Rock the World!

Steve was buzzing; “Me and Curly (not her real name) are very excited by some new (and overdue) developments of the Confident Club, and with Paul’s experience working in education and Jim Hetherton’s strategic help and support on the business side we now feel ready to ‘Rock the World.’ Starting in West Yorkshire, UK, we are about to launch a new, life-changing presentation skills workshop for young people – it’s getting very exciting… With belief, abundance and legacy very much in mind here we are also delighted to bring on board two new faces for the future in Calvin Kara and Richard Asomugha, two of the most talented and energetic young speakers I have ever come across. Watch these guys grow, become Kings of the speaking arena and change the world in their own unique way.” – Steve McDermott

The talking stick

“Food for thought. You know when things are right, you kind of get that warm apple pie feeling inside.” – Calvin Kara

An emotional Curly adds; “It’s time for action, a very productive first meeting (over a lovely meal) where we also had some fun. One of the best and most enjoyable meetings I have had for ages. With both Steve and Paul mentoring Calvin and Richard they are all going to be in for a challenging time. The most memorable bit of our meeting was when we passed a fork around, this prop became like a speaker microphone – or as Jim reminded us later; ‘the talking stick’ – we used it to stop everyone else speaking (especially Steve!) The universal energy and sparks of enthusiasm were overwhelming at times, the planets have truly come together. We are like a family, I feel quite emotional!” – Curly Uppington

Meanwhile Head Coach Paul (who was rather quite for a change) and busy taking notes, with Richard (concentrating hard), both ate warm apple pie with vanilla ice-cream and waited for their moment to speak.

Change Your World. Change Their World

So why Young Confident Club?

Aimed initially at 16-25 year olds, it’s time for change, time for action, time to invest in the future of our young people… real collaboration and team spirit… and we are now actively looking for partners to come on board and join us in this mission to change the speaking world and make it a better place.

Young Confident Club

Inspiring motivational speakers unlock the secrets of presentation mastery for young people

  • Imagine having more confidence and presentation skills for life to help you reach the top of your future career or profession

Positively influence your tutors, fellow students, colleagues and future clients, customers and prospects as well as your friends and family

Communicate with impact, win over and engage with your audience – speak passionately, persuasively and professionally

Young Confident Club – launch Friday, January 16th 2015

Over the coming few weeks, and in the build up to Christmas and what will be an amazing event in January, on The Confident Club website we’ll reveal some more information (a mini bio) on each of our new recruits for Young Confident Club. Watch this space…



The launch of Young Confident Club is just a small part of what will be a very busy day at at the Confident Club’s annual conference. With a limited 60 places available register now for our speaker and workshop event on January 16th 2015 – a memorable, life-changing experience you will never forget.

“Think of an idea to CHANGE our world – and put it into action!”

Please click here for more details about the Confident Club annual conference 2015 and how we plan to change your world.

For more details on Young Confident Club please click here.

Oh and before we forget, Steve McDermott (Paul’s speaking mentor 2009-13) is also planning his own jaw dropping moment and has also asked us to keep an eye out for a Yellow Dog?

Family Selfie: Young Confident Club (Dec 2014). Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot – Speaker and Head Coach. Steve McDermott (Founder, Confident Club). Curly Uppington (Partner). Calvin Kara (Supporting Speaker). Jim Hetherton (Business Development Partner). Richard Asomugha (Supporting Speaker)