DYO™ - Design Your Own Superhero

DYO™ – Design Your Own Superhero

Creative Partnerships with Rastrick High School.

Bulletblog131Rastrick High School Art and English department teachers and designers at Bulletpoint Design in Bradford have been working together on a superheroes project. (Autumn 2008 – Spring 2009).

“Every superhero must have three things; a name, an outfit and an arch enemy.”

Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot.

Design Your Own Superhero™ is facilitated and art directed by Bulletpoint. A special video was made to celebrate the winners work experience visit. Without a script nor a storyboard we filmed the day against a home-made green screen. Each student did their pitch again capturing their wonderful creative ideas on film. The visuals and stills were added in at a later stage which captures a real flavour of what can be achieved with a little imagination and an engaging project the students loved working on.

Rastrick High School set the brief of mixing cross-curriculum – Art and English – to benefit each area of activity. After a ‘Think Tank’ session with Paul, and using the DYO model as template, Design Your Own Superhero was born.

A cross-curriculum activity

The concept and theory was that writing about your superhero character would help with the visuals and developing your artistic side would help improve written skills. It worked in abundance! We also managed to add an I.T. element in the creation of the comic covers shown below. In addition, a therapeutic element was an unexpected bonus with the project that drew out personal issues reflected in each student’s superhero character – a fear, a phobia, a weakness or (in Con-na’s case) a second chance.

The winners in speaking and presentation skills (English) or character design and development (Art) were selected from a pitch in a school’s presentation day. Paul was asked to be one of the judges and tried out a new tool he created for marking and measuring creativity called GAUGE: Gather, Articulate, Understand, Generate, Evaluate.

Sketches for the best ideas were developed into professional looking comic covers…



Bulletblog133• Design Your Own Superhero™ – a creative learning resource for young people and teachers – helping to create a legacy within your school.

Bulletblog134• Design Your Own Superhero™ – every winning or talented student worthy of recognition received a special certificate.

THE SUPERHERO BRIEF – Creative Partnerships (2008/9)

“Every superhero must have three things; a name, an outfit and an arch enemy.”

Once you have your superhero name you will be designing a superhero logo and will also need a nickname, alias or catch phrase. To later design your comic front cover you’ll be able to choose from three cover templates, a bank of speech bubbles, icons and creative resource materials and will also learn new skills and production techniques along the way. Later on in the term you’ll be able to talk about your project and sell your ideas to other students in your English lessons.

“Instead of the traditional arch enemy (or villain) your superhero could aim to combat a personal fear, phobia or weakness?”

• the winning designs and designers will be chosen and printed

• a group will be invited to visit Bulletpoint’s design studio

• work experience opportunities for the most talented students

So, start researching, start scribbling and start being the secret superhero you have perhaps dreamt about? What special powers will you have, what’s important to you and what type of gadgets will you need to complete your character, mission or storyline?

We’d like you to ‘design your own superhero’. This will later be developed into your very own comic book cover!


Design Your Own Superhero™ is designed and produced by Bulletpoint Design Ltd. (Bradford).

In partnership with Rastrick High School (Brighouse), Artworks (Bradford), CapeUK and Creative Partnerships.

Design Your Own Superhero™ – Creative learning resource for young people and teachers.

Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot. Protected by copyright – Dec 2008.