Education targets

Education targets

“young people first. We always put”


“Young people are your hardest audience, but they are also the most rewarding.” – Unknown

Passionate about education, I love working creatively in schools and colleges as a motivational speaker and as an enterprise champion.

Current targets include:
• Help young people in life, work and everything
• Provide unique resource materials – an insight into the world of work
• Inspire young people to be happy, confident, motivated and successful

So what is an Enterprise Champion?

Business driven, enterprise drive, skills driven

Having worked as an Enterprise Facilitator for E3 Bradford for over 12 months, I was involved in helping to develop the framework, brand and strategy – linking education to business.

The role at E3 also included the recruitment of business people from the local community and inspiring them to become Enterprise Champions. Along this journey I met an incredible artist and sculpture called Craig Dyson who is now inspiring young people in primary schools across the Bradford District. ‘Take the Stage’ was a pilot concept to recruit, coach and help budding Enterprise Champions of the future to develop their ideas and reach their true potential. In the process of doing all this it was always my intention to become one!

“An Enterprise Champion helps to develop, inspire and empower young people to make a positive contribution to our economic success.”

• Tell your story, use your experience, be yourself
• Speak in local schools, colleges and education providers
• Explain career journeys, job roles, industry sectors
• Design a pilot, develop classroom materials, work with teachers
• Deliver workshop and motivational sessions
• Help influence the curriculum and the workforce of tomorrow

What is your current target in education and how can I help?

Featured image: “Eyes” Whole School Peacock Project.
By reception pupils at Princeville Primary School, Bradford, West Yorkshire.