Grandad, Dad and Son Kerfoot

Grandad, Dad and Son Kerfoot

Back to the future – recreating 1969.

Granville, Paul, Joshua Kerfoot 1

“I’ve always had an unusual creative perspective on life. I like looking backwards and forwards at the same time – celebrating happy, past memories in the present. I guess you could say I also have an attitude of gratitude.”

Granville Kerfoot. Paul Kerfoot. Joshua Kerfoot. I’m the only one who appears twice in here? Now try and work that one out lol.

‘Confusion is good!’ This photo of me (3), and my Dad (Granville Kerfoot) is from Butlins 1969 (left), has always been one of my personal favourites. The image on the right was taken in 2010 with my son Joshua (4). These ‘double take’ images currently hang side by side on the downstairs toilet wall, always causes some confusion and makes a great talking point.

Perhaps you can recreate an old family photo? (It also makes a fab present! My Mum cried with happiness when she got copies of these.) I also wonder if Joshua Edward Kerfoot will ever recreate the one of him and me in say 30 years time? That’s a nice thought and a worthy follow on…

From framing photos and memorabilia of my Grandad Eddie Kerfoot’s boxing career, to my Grandad Jack Wilson’s connection (as an accountant) with Don Revie and the famous Leeds United, I just love doing the bizarre and unexpected.

Paul Kerfoot, Joshua Kerfoot 1

Here are some other photos we took and ‘played’ with. I even shaved my goaty off!

Granville, Paul, Joshua Kerfoot 2

The original photo (left), Butlins 1969, I was 3 years old at the time and my Dad, a plasterer, was a bit of a Rocker with his Elvis quiff. I thought it would be nice to recreate this image with my son Joshua who was 4 years old in 2010. I was kicking myself I didn’t do it a bit earlier to get it spot on! Still, an uncanny resemblance of me and Josh eh?

Me? I take after my Grandad Eddie Kerfoot. He was known as a boxer as ‘Ted Kerfoot’ for some strange reason? But that’s another story for another day.