Painting the Town Blue and White… And Yellow.

Football fever hits Mirfield!

Emag Toys and Games HTAFC v LUFC

Football nut and Emag Toys & Games owner Paul Kerfoot went viral on Facebook with a Subbuteo (table football) themed window display of Huddersfield Town’s 2-1 victory over Leeds United. A few months later Paul decided to take a risk and paint the shutters of the shop. Half was painted in HTAFC colours ‘Blue & White Army,’ the other half as LUFC ‘Marching on Together’.

Toy Fan v Town Fan

Subbuteo guru, graphic designer, branding expert and marketing ‘whizz-kid’ Paul Kerfoot fulfilled a dream in setting up Emag Toys and Games (January 2016 to January 2018), previously ‘Mirfield Models’, a train enthusiasts shop. Emag was a bit of fun, a hobby (not-for-profit) creative venture specialising in vintage toys and board games, emag – that’s game backwards – was also on a mission to get young people off their gadgets. It also desperately needed some publicity.

Blue & White Army v Marching on Together

Emag Toys and Games Football Shutters

Apparently one half of Mirfield support Huddersfield Town and the other half support Leeds Utd?

Mr Kerfoot has his own explanation of why he has shown support for both Yorkshire Clubs this season.

Support your team. Support our shops

Marching On Together Leeds Utd Emag

“My Grandad Jack Wilson was known as Dewsbury’s Mr Leeds United. He was accountant to Don Revie in the 70s glory years. Whilst most of the family are Leeds fans, I was a Kevin Keegan, Liverpool fan at school and went to watch LUFC v LFC at Elland Road, my Grandad got me the tickets. Then some friends of mine started watching Huddersfield Town in the famous Cowshed stand (on Leeds Road) in the early 1980s. Malcolm Brown and Stevie Kindon were the ones to watch. And years later, I now play Subbuteo as ‘BulletMan Utd’, still watch the odd Liverpool game at Anfield, and have been taking my children Chloe (15) and Joshua (10) to watch HTAFC most of this season (2016-17). It’s been fantastic. The atmosphere has been incredible and the family ticket prices represent unbelievable value.

Blue & White Army Huddersfield Town emag

So what about the shutters?

“I always wanted to do something slightly risky and controversial like this. ‘Banksy style’ I also fancied a crack at some graffiti. (I only asked the landlord if I could paint the shutters! I think they expected it just to be silver again, I had not gone into detail for fear of rejection.) The feedback and kick-back since they have been painted has been amazing and also slightly controversial. Then the local media spotted the story – brilliant!

May 12th 2017

Extracts below from an article written by Huddersfield Examiner Reporter Stephanie Finnegan.

The wacky ways Huddersfield Town fans are preparing for the play-offs

Thumbs Up Town Chairman Dean Hoyle Emag

Town chairman Dean Hoyle gives thumbs-up to shop’s paint job – and others are backing the club in weird ways…

Excited fans are gearing up for Huddersfield Town’s shot at the Premier League – in rather unusual ways.

Supporters across Kirklees are counting down the hours to kick-off in the Championship play-off semi-finals against Sheffield Wednesday.

Toy shop boss Paul Kerfoot spray-painted blue and white stripes on the shutters of his shop Emag in Nettleton Road, Mirfield, adding the slogan: “Blue & White Army.”

His over-the-top paint job even attracted the attention of a passing cyclist – none other than Mirfield-based Town chairman Dean Hoyle.

Dean was only too happy to give the shop the thumbs-up.

Paul, 50, told how he painted the shutters a month ago, one side for Town and the other for bitter Yorkshire rivals Leeds United.

He expected Leeds to make the play-offs too – but wasn’t overly disappointed as United crashed out of the play-off positions.

“I just wanted to make a statement with the shutters and it’s certainly done that,” said Paul. “It was great that Dean took the time to stop and give us the seal of approval.”

Paul has also produced an eye-catching window display featuring Subbuteo figures and has a team of Action Men all wearing Town kits.

Thumbs Up Dean Hoyle Emag

• Thumbs up from Huddersfield Town chairman Dean Hoyle 

HTAFC Blue and White Army Emag

Paul sends his apologies to anyone who thought the horizontal stripes on the shutters were QPR (Queen’s Park Rangers). “I never thought about that connection or painting the stripes vertically, that would have also been a much harder job!”

It Subbuteo-ful Game!

Paul Kerfoot peers over the Subbuteo game in his shop window which depicts the Huddersfield Town win over Leeds United.

• Paul Kerfoot peers over the Subbuteo game in Emag’s shop window which depicts the Huddersfield Town 2-1 win over Leeds United (05/02/17).

Thanks to a Town fan and passer-by the Subbuteo story went viral on Facebook. The shop window photo above and a full-page Emag feature followed in the local press (14/02/17), with thanks to The Huddersfield Daily Examiner.

LUFC Marching On Together Emag

“It’s a shame Leeds United didn’t make the play-offs. Though probably a great relief to all the Town fans in Mirfield.”

To read about ‘Celebrating Dewsbury’s Mr Leeds United’ – Jack Wilson, LUFC Accountant to Don Revie, please click here.

To see the full article with Dean Hoyle and other Town fan stories please visit The Huddersfield Examiner website and click here.

For more details about Paul’s new talk ‘KerFootball’ please contact Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot on or by calling 07785 777829.

Update: Emag closed (Jan 2018) after two years of weekend trading when the owner had to sell up to help pay for care for their elderly mother who owned the shop and adjoining property.