Harry and Paul Look North

Harry and Paul Look North

The Spending Review Debate on BBC1.

Paul Kerfoot, AKA Paul The Bulletman, had his ONE MINUTE of TV fame on BBC1’s Look North, when The Spending Review with Harry Gration was filmed and aired on September 9th, 2010 in advance of the scheduled spending cuts on October 20th, 2010. The discussion, hosted by Harry, featured politicians and industry movers and shakers, as well as people in the front line.

Take a look at our (slightly!) edited version that we’ve called ‘Harry and Paul Look North’. A private sector recession and cuts in the public sector at the same time is a real ‘double whammy’, causing us all real problems. Paul gives some more reactions on the topic.

Ordinary Yorkshire folk living in an extraordinary county

That was Harry’s line. To which Paul says, “We’re ordinary graphic designers doing extraordinary things…”

Paul Kerfoot is a creative speaker and branding specialist from Bulletpoint Design in Bradford. During this debate he flies the flag for the arts, creativity, teachers and young people. As the owner of a small graphic design agency battling it out through the recession, he also wanted to air his concerns.


The front line

Look North’s ‘The Spending Review’ was filmed at Sheffield Town Hall where Paul’s reserved seat was on the front row, right in the middle of all the action. (No, he didn’t barge to the front like a bull in a china shop. His name was written on a piece of paper on top of his seat.) Paul comments, “I loved the whole TV thing and felt right at home in front of the cameras. I was surprised with my position at the front. The whole set-up was very impressive. It was also quite a humbling experience. I politely let all the politicians and everyone else in first – the VIP’s, the important people. I assumed at first that my seat would be at the back”.

Thought: In a time-starved world it’s nice to feel important, even if it’s only for ONE MINUTE of TV fame. And just as in business, and like the original Bulletman, you need nerves of steel when you’re on TV. Or being a bit of an ‘Action Man’ by being different and standing out during a recession.


The age of austerity

Following the General Election, the coalition Government swiftly imposed severe budget cuts in the public sector as part of its programme of austerity. True, we can all lose a few home comforts to save a few quid, yet more importantly, where can a business cut corners to help it survive and grow during a recession? In terms of image and austerity, plain and without decoration could imply: skimping it, making do and managing without decent promotional material. (Is that such a wise decision?) Its no wonder marketing is often the first thing to get the chop. To read more on this subject, please click here to see Paul’s article: ‘Bite the bullet’.

“We are entering the age of austerity.” Harry Gration.

Austere. Without comfort, hard. An austere life. Without decoration, plain. Austerity.

INVITATION: What are your thoughts on the spending review or marketing in a recession and where are you cutting corners? Also, how did Paul do on TV? Please post your comments in the box below.


Year of Truth

2010 is also Paul’s ‘Year of Truth’ and as a candidate member of the PSA (Professional Speakers Association), he says he can take and use all the feedback and constructive criticism you give him. So please go for it! Good and not-so-good comments, he will put them all up. “I have a big chin and I can take it!” says Paul. (He has also got a big nose. Once or twice Paul’s ‘neb’ also appeared on the edge of the screen.)

Being different

“I am liking it. And I am learning from you. I am embracing being different.”
Cheryl Cole – Judge and Mentor, The X Factor, 9 October 2010.

As a creative speaker, Paul Kerfoot claims to be unique, different and is passionate about everything he does – design, branding, creativity and marketing. Where being the best in business is just not good enough any more. Now you need to be different, hence my alter ego: Paul The Bulletman.

Paul is also challenging by nature and (as a bit of a creative maverick at times) likes nothing better than helping people achieve their goals – sometimes pushing their comfort zone if necessary – in business and in education. The front line, so to speak. “Some of our ideas may seem a little ahead of the curve. (I can think of a few in the past that sadly got shelved, where the client didn’t share the same vision and went for something much safer.) Yet people are only now catching on fast, taking not-so-safe (calculated) risks by embracing being different. And, just as on the X Factor, some or the majority of your audience will buy into it”.

Fact: Did you know the X Factor stands for ‘star quality’?

Nicely put: “You need to stand out like a sore thumb.”
Geoff Ramm – Marketing Speaker and PSA NE (North East) President 2010.

Bite the bullet

It’s a war out there! Time to bite the bullet? Here Paul unashamedly promotes the business, the other side of what he’s been doing for over 20 years now at Bulletpoint Design. You have to stand out – be a sore thumb – and not miss any opportunity in a recession. So, with his nose now on air, but his feet firmly on the ground, he’s helping businesses survive and grow in challenging times. Or alternatively, in education, helping young people to be more creative.

Help: What’s your current problem or concern and HOW can I help you achieve your next goal or target? Please feel free to call or email Paul and ASK that question.

For more information and case studies from the business – Bulletpoint Design, Bradford, Yorkshire, UK – please visit our non-flashy, content-rich and cleverly designed website (Google™ likes it) that was built with YOU in mind: www.bulletpointdesign.co.uk

Loving every minute

Yes, being on TV was incredible for Paul – one of the highlights of a very strange and challenging year. Not one to miss an opportunity, especially in a recession, if you need or know anyone else who needs help please pass his name on.

Why choose Paul? He’s a creative speaker who can think quickly on his feet and aims to build a legacy in his search for happiness. The branding specialist looking for the next challenge. Or with good old-fashioned values, the ordinary graphic designer doing extraordinary things in business and education. Someone with real passion who is happy to share his ideas, red-hot tips and tells the world about his case studies on effective design. Whether it’s a seminar, workshop or keynote, you’d be surprised what he can stretch to outside the old ‘comfort zone’. (Creative workshops are all about interactivity, engagement and switching to the back of the room.) Or if you simply want to have a chat about doing more written projects or TV work, please DO get in touch. He says that he’s having the time of his life and loving every minute of it.

Note: Paul appears on BBC1 Look North’s The Spending Review Debate for exactly one minute.

Reality slap: “Oreeet lad. Big wow, yer wur on TV. Now go an sort yersen, get yer finger art and earn some dosh, somat to keep wolf from t’door an a roof ova yer ed.” Yorkshire slang, for all our international visitors.

Thank you note: Cheers Mike at Bradford Chamber for passing my name on to the Beeb. An amazing opportunity that you knew I’d be up for!

The other Harry and Paul

“We need something to be happy about amongst all the doom and gloom,” says Paul Kerfoot. “So, to see the other Harry and Paul – comedians Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse – if you need something to smile about right now, why not have a look at these funny and relevant video links in your break time? Put the kettle on (Yorkshire Tea preferred), grab and ‘dunk’ a digestive (why not treat yourself to a chocolate one), sit back and enjoy :)

The Yorkshireman; about a plain speaking, creative director! And another one you’ll no doubt be familiar with; Considerably Richer. Not forgetting one of my own personal favourites – very funny, even as a Liverpool fan of the 1970’s and 80’s and due to the fact I really admire ‘Arsenal Wenger’. This one is a classic: 11-10 football frolics – watch out for the glued football!

“What’s your favourite sketch from Harry and Paul, or perhaps a funny sketch about Yorkshire folk? Let me know in the comments box below and/or share a link from YouTube™ and (only if it’s humorous) I will post your suggestion.

On a more serious note and for more information – please also visit; www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/harryandpaul

More: You might also enjoy; ‘Loads-a-money‘ (music video) and The Four Yorkshiremen – a Monty Python sketch and tribute with Harry Enfield, Eddie Izzard, Vic Reeves and Alan Rickman, AKA The Voice.

And finally

Thank you to a true ‘northerner’ and fellow Yorkshireman, Harry Gration, for another ‘safe pair of hands’ TV performance and for your ten-second brief, given just 15 minutes before kick-off: “I am concerned about…?”

Thank you also to Sheffield, for making us feel welcome (what a great place) and an even bigger thank you to Helen, Sally, Tim and all the girls at BBC Look North (Leeds). The behind-the-scenes planning, organisation and attention to detail was a joy to behold. The whole experience also brought back fond memories of my college days at Batley Art College on the AV (Audio Visual) course – life at the other side of the camera.

Paul Kerfoot
AKA Paul The Bulletman
Creative Speaker • Branding Specialist • Graphic Designer

Paul is also creative director of Bulletpoint Design Ltd (1989-current)

October 12th, 2010

A few words about Bulletman

The original Bulletman was a 1940’s comic book superhero and a 1970’s Action Man. Inspired by his alter ego, and in an attempt to be different, Paul The Bulletman launched in 2009 – www.thebulletman.co.uk

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