Back to the Future Day

Back to the Future Day

October 21st 2015


Just imagine being able to travel into the future and return to the present with an idea to help change the world of education.

After stopping off to collect your Lotto ticket, one thing I hope you would do is share the knowledge, intelligence and info from your journey with young people – the workforce of tomorrow…

Today is the official ‘Back to the Future’ Day, the iconic Steven Spielberg produced film from 1985 starring Michael J. Fox, a nutty professor and a rather cool car that can time travel. Yes, the car did travel to the future, 07:28am on October 21st 2015 to be precise.

Today is also the official launch day of Paul Kerfoot’s ‘Jobology’ education project, some packs of playing cards, job spinners and a rather cool way of getting some rather important messages across to young people about the jobs of the future.

Jobology launch – October 21st 2015

“Let’s make the impossible possible!” Despite 3 years of research, no one (yet) seems to have found the right vehicle to be able to do all this – to time travel or to create a decent guide or careers pathway – a well thought out creative vision of what the world of work will look like. (Imagine how much time, money and heartache that would save us all?) Yes, with Jobology we have managed to do the seemingly impossible here, and with a lot of hard work, nerves of steel and a rather well-focussed magnifying glass, it is possible to join the dots, set fire to an idea and (safely) predict many of the Jobs of the Future. (Seriously.) Noting much of this theory is not just based on ‘grabbing’ stuff off the Internet either – anyone can do that – yet is cleverly put together and visualised in a simple way that makes sense and IS easy to understand for everyone, from an 8 year old child to a nutty professor in his 80s!

FYI: Many local, national and world-wide sources of information have been used to help create Jobology, useful facts, snippets and ‘bite-sized’ chunks of info, known and often referred to as Labour Market Intelligence (LMI).

OK, we are not totally bulletproof here – we are talking 80% FACT and 20% MADE-UP stuff! – as we will never be 100 percent accurate on predicting something in the future and on such a mammoth scale. Someone just had to take a bold step and DO this, and STOP talking about it like everyone else seems to do? I am talking ACTION here…

Turning a passion into a purpose

Jobology shares a powerful vision, the truth, the facts, the golden nuggets, LMI stats and more to help young people, parents and teachers across the UK. And when the penny drops, and this type of stuff IS eventually rolled out to every school in the country, in time this will save the Government and the UK economy a small fortune. And young people will finally stop wasting their time and (parents) money training on the wrong (over-subscribed) University courses or working towards the wrong jobs that simply don’t exist anymore. Hey, and we might also ALL wake up to the fact that Apprenticeships are back big time!?

Careers pathways and the jobs of the future

Predicting the jobs of the future provides an alternative route to inspire and empower young people and teachers, a careers pathway for the future. We are talking Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance here, or what the educationalist like to refer to as CEIAG, CIAG or IAG. (Confusing eh?) In simple terms we called it Jobology.


Jobology – creative resource tools for inspiring teachers

“FOCUS on your focus.” Let’s explore and discover the most popular present jobs and predictions on future jobs in secondary schools, academies, and new for 2015/16, creative workshops for primary schools. (This IS very exciting!) And with a range of flexible delivery options to suit every scenario and every budget, this is a WIN WIN and should be a no-brainer for those in the know. Currently with limited spaces available for the next phase, a dozen schools each term – x12 primary and x12 secondary – you will need to quickly book your place for 2015/16 school term time… so do it fast! At the bullet speed of a DeLorean.

Book your place now!

Please call Paul on 07785 777 829. Alternatively email for further information on Jobology and Jobs of the Future, or see the links and free download samples below.

For more Jobology

Please click here to read ‘We did History at school but why did we never do Future?’

For more information on the project’s success in secondary schools, please click here to read ‘What are the jobs of the future?’

New! Jobology for primary schools

Please click here to read ‘Your learning journey into the world of work’

Free Jobology samples

Please click here to download a free sample pack of cards for secondary schools – six ‘Future Jobs’ plus matching descriptions (PDF).

Or please click here to download a free sample pack of four jobs for primary schools – characters, props and descriptions (PDF).

Alternatively, if you would like a free hard copy of either sample pack and for further information about our new workshops, please call Paul on 07785 777 829 or



Back to the Future – an iconic Steven Spielberg produced film from 1985 and directed by Robert Zemeckis.

‘He was never in time for his classes… He wasn’t in time for his dinner… Then one day he wasn’t in his time at all.’