This Way Up!

This Way Up!

Confusion is good. – Unknown.


“Backwards is forwards. Downwards is upwards. Slower is faster… Why not do the right thing and take a left turn?”

In the search for success and happiness, ‘This Way Up’ explores how we can apply creative thinking to our problem solving in these challenging times.

Confusion is good

Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot, a motivational speaker and an enterprise champion who has run a successful design and brand agency since 1989, believes life, work and everything is best experienced the wrong way round: upside down, inside out and back to front.

When we laugh we learn

Humorous, creative and thought provoking, ‘This Way Up’ is an action packed programme* designed to challenge the way that you think, look at work from a different perspective and dare you to fly higher throughout life’s journey.

* This Way Up is a flexible programme tailored to meet your needs.
For business: Keynotes, seminars, gigs, events and workshops.
For education: Book Paul for a 5 minute to 1 hour talk.
Please get in touch for prices. Don’t book Paul now.

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“Let’s all do our bit, in 2012, to help make Good Britian Great again.”


• Paul in silver swimming cap, goggles and Union Flag shot at Centenary Square, Bradford – November 2011. Photography: Mark Dolby.