Watch Paul’s motivational speaker showreel video

Watch Paul’s motivational speaker showreel video

Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot – motivational speaker showreel – 3 mins, 5 mins or 9 mins

First, let’s not confuse or label a stand-up comedian or ‘after dinner speaker’ with the unique style of motivational speaker Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot from Batley, West Yorkshire, UK. With a unique blend of life-changing top tips, creative content and some very strange and unusual stories, here’s one alternative for you on something a little bit different to the norm; ‘motivational comedy’. Paul looks at the funny and sometimes upside down, inside-out and back to front side of life as one source of amusement and inspiration in how to be more successful and happy in life, work and everything.

Note: There are three versions of Paul’s motivational speaker showreel, each video a different length, 3 minutes, a 5 minutes alternative and a 9 minutes extended highlights version. Here‘s the first one…

Motivational speaker showreel – 3 mins version (short and snappy)

The final edit above (3 mins) is dedicated to the memory of Clive Gott.

“You have got some talent lad. You crammed way too much in, ran over on time and made some classic mistakes. Hello, I’m Clive.”

How about that for an introduction!? Clive Gott invited Paul Kerfoot to join the PSA (Professional Speaking Association) after seeing him speak about design and branding in 2008, and later became Paul’s greatest challenger and is still even now a constant source of motivation and inspiration.

So off went this ‘talented lad’ to his first PSA meeting. What followed was a series of inspiring talks, top speaking tips, information overload, role models to follow and later ask for help, the amazing PSA convention (2009), more information overload, walking the plank with two wobbly ‘check out zones’ and three ‘S Factor’ competitions (the best Paul came was third at the first attempt!) and another PSA convention… Some years later the controversial and creative maverick from Batley, ‘The Bulletman’ stepped out from the shadows, picked up the speaker baton Clive left behind and started an alternative career as a motivational speaker delivering what he still often refers to as ‘motivational comedy.’

Note: In all the clips to follow do watch out for the Yes/No game from Paul’s school Joker days, Nana, ‘we are all eating a banana the wrong way round!’ and the very popular D.O.G and C.A.T acronyms! Guaranteed to engage and inspire this opposite creative thinking IS really designed to ‘stick’ and make a difference in life, work and everything…

Motivational speaker showreel – 5 mins version (alternative cut)

“I want to be a World-class international speaker.” – Paul Kerfoot (2010)

This second edit (5 mins) is the result of 3 years of filming anything and everything (2012-14) – a combination of professional footage, friends helping out and some DIY – plus 6 years membership with the PSA.

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” – Anon

This alternative version is also filled with audience comments, some great one-liners of feedback as follows; “Different”, ‘Memorable”, Entertaining”, “Creative”, “Thought-Provoking”, “Professional”, “Humorous”, “Quirky”, “Inspiring” and “Fun”.

Paul comments; “I get a real buzz from being on stage and also enjoy people’s reactions to my talks and now these videos… A smile, a chuckle, a laugh, the ‘aha’ moment! It’s great… I now feel like I have reached the end of the first chapter, or the next small step of a longer journey, still a way to go yet, plus more filming at bigger events in the future. The aim now is to create many more speaking opportunities in 2015.” Can you help and recommend Paul for a future event?

“If you want to be a well-paid speaker, then you need to be funny.” – Paul McGee

Motivational speaker showreel – 9 mins version (extended highlights)

And finally here’s the initial first edit (9 mins) showreel.

On reflection all of this could not have been achieved (or even attempted) without the help, support and patience of my mentor, friend and ‘Jedi’ speaking coach Steve McDermott and The Confident Club (Leeds).

“When we laugh, we learn.” – Anon, via David Thomas, AKA the challenger

I’d also like to thank several great speakers from The PSA who have all been magnificent and played their part, some big, some small, you cheerleaders, coaches and challengers – you know who you are. The world truly is an abundant place if you reach out and ask for help.

“Paul that was phenomenal. You truly are a real inspiration. Let’s have a cup of tea next week and I’ll show you how to do that bit even better.” – John Hotowka, AKA the stagecraft master.

Thanks too to the cameramen, the editor and the event organisers who gave me the opportunity to speak and all played their role. There’s no Oscar, no award or reward at the end here, only a great sense of relief and satisfaction over reaching some form of closure with these precious moments now caught on film forever. Clive Gott would say these are your vapour trails Paul, your legacy.

Further information:

Several clips are taken from Paul’s keynote ‘This Way Up’ (inc. CIPD York and Business Events Yorkshire) plus the odd stand up event, such as Bettakabaret, Leeds (a Bettakultcha spin off) and PSA Mega in Manchester.

Take action!

In the motivational keynote, This Way Up‘, Paul shares some of his ideas and top tips on leadership, a better work-life balance, taking action and more effective communication in our search for success and happiness. Purpose, risk and fear being three key motivational ingredients in a talk designed make a difference in the quality of your life.

BTW. If you are still left wondering where an earth ‘The Bulletman’ originated from then please click here.

To book Paul for your next motivational event or creative workshop then please email: or tel: +44 (0)7785 777829