What are the jobs of the future?


FUTURE: Alternative (life-changing) careers guidance for young people.

Find out what the jobs of the future are in this unique business driven careers project linked to work-related learning and targeted at Years 8 to 11.

“The lesson was well researched and planned with well designed resources. Students were engaged throughout with activities that were not only interesting but stretched their learning. My Year 8 students said it was thought provoking and fun.” – Secondary school teacher, Bradford, West Yorkshire

The future of CIAG

Apparently there are 728 different jobs to choose from in the UK. Ask Jeeves and there are billions! Alternatively ask The Bulletman? He’s (logically) narrowed this down to 52 current jobs and (creatively) predicted the 52 jobs of the future.

80% FACTS and 20% opinions

Let’s signpost and evaluate the range of opportunities (with two separate checklists) of Present Jobs and Future Jobs.



Next, using unique classroom resources – two packs of playing cards and a matching set of future job reference cards – will help engage students and support your school’s CIAG activities. Noting a future recommendation is to prioritise and target young people before choosing their GCSE subjects.

Pilot project – March 2014
Feedback from Year 8 students in Bradford, West Yorkshire…
“Gave us ideas on jobs for the future.”
“Very well prepared.”
“Paul understood us.”
“Funny and smart.”
“Made our future job prospects more realistic.”

Get involved now!

Please click here to download a free sample pack of cards – six ‘Future Jobs’ plus matching descriptions (PDF).

If you would like a free hard copy of the sample pack or for further information about our new workshops, please call Paul on 07785 777 829 or hello@thebulletman.co.uk.

To see how this works please download the two checklists of x52 Present Jobs and x52 predicted Future Jobs. For details on how to incorporate these into your school lesson plan please get in touch via the details above.

For additional information on the FUTURE pilot: thebulletman.co.uk/future

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