Who is The Bulletman?

Hero inside. Super outside whoisBulletman(480pxl)1

“Finding your HERO inside and looking SUPER on the outside…that’s what makes you a superhero.” – Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot.

The original Bulletman was a 1940s comic book superhero and a 1970s Action Man toy. Paul Kerfoot created the idea for Bullet Point (graphic design consultants) and was creative director of Bulletpoint Design Limited (2000-2018). Rediscovered on eBay, inspired by his alter ego and in an attempt to be different, ‘The Bulletman’ launched in 2008/9. What started out as a bit of fun has now become part of Paul’s legacy. Memorable eh?

As a creative thinker and motivational dynamo Paul loves speaking and runs a range of workshops and seminars to help businesses grow and survive in challenging times. In addition, his work in schools, academies and colleges is designed to help young people be more creative and successful in education, work and life. All educational projects aim to be affordable and guarantee to be engaging, interactive and fun. “Who would you like and prefer to see today…Paul Kerfoot or The Bulletman?” “Bulletman Sir!!” whoisBulletman(480pxl)2whoisBulletman(480pxl)3